About Summer Kamp

May 24th-26th,2024

Kamp Grounds

This year we will be hosted at a private location in Cleveland, Ohio! With ample space and designed for the optimal privacy of our attendees. Consider this a quick kinky get away!

This year we will not have tent camping.

Play Area

Inside look of our dungeon coming soon! You'll step into an immersive realm of boundless exploration and indulgence. Within this exquisitely crafted chamber, you'll discover your every desire. Adorned with three meticulously designed Saint Andrews crosses, an elegant Horse bench, and an array of meticulously curated toys, the ambiance is ripe for exploration. Dive deeper into the realm and encounter the pulsating energy of the Sybian Machine, the allure of the Foot Worship bench, and the privacy of three discreet private chambers. Traverse through the open play section, where fantasies come to life, or retreat to the tranquility of the quiet area for moments of intimate connection. Fire massages, wax, you name it! Embark on a journey of sensory bliss as you unlock the myriad pleasures that await within.

Our Campers

We take pride in ensuring the safety and comfortability of everyone! That is why we offer plenty of opportunities for social activities to get to know each other. Haus of Kink has partnered with Ohio Smart to train our instructors and dungeon masters. To assist in ensuring that every person is comfortable, safe and vetted!

Food at Kinky Summer Kamp

  • There are various Vendors and Local restaurants serving hot food and non-alcoholic beverages!

Additional information

We have taken into account the amount of people attending each event, party, etc. We want to allow for plenty of space to enjoy each other and prevent overcrowding! That is why we will be respecting the occupancy limits for everything we do. 

We are very excited to host you for a weekend of the most delightful curiosity. Come release your inner kink in our all inclusive adult playground!

Location Address: 4403 St Clair Ave., Cleveland, OH 44103