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Eli Daniel The Naked Trumpeter (They/Them)

Eli Daniel a. k. a. the Naked Trumpeter is a professional sensualist, kink-star, musician and erotic pleasure facilitator that focuses on sensual touch and energetic exchange. Their goal is to facilitate pleasure while helping alleviate the stigma erotic pleasure and kinks. This path was one in the making as Eli grew up with in a Queer affirming home and this lead him to openly share himself and points of view and thru his global travel saw the need to be authentic and help others find ways to safety express their idiosyncrasies with shame or guilt of being divergent in any way from the social norms.

Eli Daniel, also known as the Naked Trumpeter, is a versatile somatic artist, captivating audiences as an adult entertainer, musician, and professional sensualist. Today, they enchant us with the melodious tones of their trumpet, weaving familiar tunes we’ve sung along to and setting the mood with others.

Instagram @eli.daniel.81

The Art of Tease: Issa Burlesque Class

Issa Vybe (her she kisses)

Burlesque 101: Glove peel and choreography Issa Vybe is on her 4th year as a burlesque performer. She has performed in cities across the us including San Francisco, Atlanta and Seattle. She’s a performer and producer with Issa Vybes Productions. Co founder of the fandom fantasies.

Instagram @im_issavybe

Wax Play: Burning Desire

Honey (She/Her)

For the past six years, I've been passionately immersed in the world of kink, specializing as a dominatrix while embracing my identity as a sensualist. As a multi-faceted individual, I proudly serve as a founding member of Haus of Kink, where I express my artistry not only through domination but also as a captivating burlesque performer and seasoned acrylic artist. My journey is fueled by a fervent passion for all things sensual, kinky, and artistic, and I'm dedicated to guiding others in exploring the thrilling intricacies of the heat of the moment.

Instagram @Double.D.Lee

Intro to Shibari

Rare as She (She/Her)

Lets get basic!!! A beginners guild. A novice building and perfecting the art throughout her lifetime. Passionate about the basic techniques and safety practices of all things rope.

Instagram: Dreamytuesday

lets warm up the cheeks......

Boodah Bear

Boodah Bear is the current president of Burning River Spanking Society in Cleveland and founder of The Fyre Nation!

Do you like the feel of warm flames sweeping gently (or not so gently) over your flesh? Or do you prefer the feel of the flame in your hand and flesh turned to bliss beneath it? Or maybe it's just the sight of the two combining that does it for you. All are welcome in my fire house! So come! Join the Nation

Instagram: the_fyre_nation

Suspension Shibari


Shibari Storm (He/Him)

"For the past seven years, I've immersed myself in the art of rigging, undergoing extensive training from various mentors within the community and esteemed rope experts. Through my journey, I've delved deeply into the realms of anatomy, physiology, and psychology, enriching my understanding and proficiency in this craft."

New or old to rope bondage this class will give you fresh ideas and inspire passionate experiences. It’s required to have a basic understanding of tying a single column knot, half hitch, and reverse tensions. Head over to Shibari 101 with Rare as She and you can join me after!

Instagram: shibari.storm

Lap dance and the art of tease

Holly Grail (she/her)

This bald badass will tease, please, empower and gladly leave you wanting more. She had over ten years of experience doing burlesque, modeling, pole dancing and performing. She’s ready to teach you her tips and techniques

Instagram: Misshollygrail

Fetish Wear Yoga Class

Miss U (She/Her)

Miss U has been practicing yoga for over 10 years. She has been teaching for 6. She is a 600 hour certified yogi! With additional experience in tantra and breathwork. She has been kink adjacent and informed for over a decade.

This yoga experience invites participants to explore the art of movement, mindfulness, and sensuality, seamlessly blending traditional yoga poses. They’ll be sensual and serene stretching, playful poses, and elements to incorporate all the senses. Let’s get our mind right and relax those bodies. Bare it all, this workshop is clothing optional!


Bobby He/Him

Tantra, the ancient spiritual and self-development system that beautifully complements your sexual desires and understanding your biological needs. Through a POC lens, we'll explore the fascinating history of Tantra, discover how fluidity in masculine and feminine roles is celebrated in different cultures, and learn about various positions through engaging visual aids. Alongside these immersive discussions, we'll dive deeper into our intimate sides through a guided meditation that will heighten our consciousness to the five senses: sight, touch, taste, hear, and smell. A truly transformative experience that will allow you to embrace a more holistic approach to sexuality and self-awareness.

Instagram: sir.beckett15

Floor Work & Twerk

Eve A La Beignet (She/Her)

Eve A La Beignet, a seasoned performer and former aerial hammock instructor with five years of expertise from Cleveland, Ohio, is not only a captivating aerialist but also a Certified group fitness instructor and a dynamic performer. Beyond the stage, Eve views dance as a sacred meditation practice, uniquely crafted for each individual. With an appreciation for the color emerald green, she brings vibrancy to her classes, seamlessly blending one-word dance prompts with premeditated choreography to inspire students to connect deeply with their bodies and imagination. Specializing in chair dance, floor work, and sensual movement, Eve's choreography becomes a canvas where she encourages students to color outside the lines, fostering an environment of self-expression and creativity. As a passionate participant in the burlesque,dance and mermaid community, she enjoys constantly finding new ways to express herself through movement. Eve continues to grace Cleveland's stages with in various disciplines as an entertainer, showcasing her expertise and passion for movement and looks forward to sharing this love of movement with you at Kinky Kamp 2024!

Instagram: eve.eveningstar

BDSM 101 & Needle Play

Korvin and Goat

Korvin (she/they) has been involved in the BDSM community for over 10 years. She has been on the Board of Directors for OhioSMART and attended many events across the Eastern USA.

Goat (he/him) has been in the community for over half a decade. Having volunteered at many events and recently completed a year on the Board of Directors for OhioSMART. Goat is a sadistic Dom of 8+ years who likes to try and find ways to help people get comfortable in the kink community.

Instagram: Korvin- and GoldenGoat

Consent & Negotiations

Jax is a Pleasure Facilitator and the self-proclaimed DC Cuddle Ambassador. She’s a consent and intimacy coach, educator, and guide; a somatic bodyworker, professional cuddler, Reiki practitioner, kink enthusiast and the founder of DC Cuddle Club. She explores connection, sacred sexuality and erotic embodiment through touch, coaching, cuddling and kink with community and clients along the east coast. She loves to help people return to the divine pleasureful beings we have the birthright to be.

Instagram: touchedbyjax

Live workshop Schedule 2024